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 מאגר קרנות הון הסיכון



Ampal - 03.6080100

Telecom, Datacom, energy distribution and basic industry.

Tel Aviv
Apax Partners - 09.9586330

IT, Telecommunications, Healthcare, and Services.

Apropos IT Ventures - 02.6482350

Seed and early stage companies in Internet and information technology.

AquAgro Fund - 03.7954111

Water, agriculture and clean technologies. Agro-biotechnology.

Tel Aviv
ARBA Finance Company - 03.6964420

Computers, communications, internet.

Tel Aviv
Aura Investments - 03.7440333

Management of public companies in real estate including shopping centers and residential units.

Tel Aviv
Aviv Venture Capital - 03.6114050

Communications, information technology, medical devices, materials engineering.

Tel Aviv
Benchmark Israel - 09.9617600

Enterprise software, networking equipment, semiconductors, mobile computing.

Herzliya Pituach
Bessemer Venture Partners - 09.9721200

IT, biomedical companies, communications.

BRM Capital Advisors - 09.9549555

Internet infrastructure, software, communications.

Herzliya Pituach
Canaan Partners - 09.9715719

Digital media, communications, enterprise software and services, clean tech, healthcare, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics.

Capital Point Investment Group - 03.6070320

Early stage high tech ventures. Medical devices and life sciences. HomeLand security.

Tel Aviv
Carmel Ventures - 09.9720421

Information Technology: Software, Telecommunications, Internet, Media, Semiconductors, Consumer Electronics.

Catalyst - 03.6950666


Tel Aviv
Cedar Fund - 09.9577227

Telecommunications, networking, Internet infrastructure and enterprise software.

Challenge Fund - 03.5628555

Communications, Machine Vision, Semiconductors. Medical Devices, Biotechnology and Healthcare.

Tel Aviv
China-Israel Value Capital - 09.9505478

Mature mid sized Chinese companies in high growth industries of IT, consumer electronics, healthcare and cleantech.

Clal Biotechnology Industries - 03.6075733

Biotechnology, biopharmaceutical companies.

Tel Aviv
Concord Ventures - 09.9602020

IT, Medical technologies, communication, software, Internet and semiconductors.

Decima Ventures - 03.6094243


Tel Aviv
Discount Investment Corporation - 03.5672700

Communications technologies, services and content.

Tel Aviv
ETV Capital - 09.9715630

Venture debt financing to mid- to late-stage technology companies. Enterprise software, capital equipment, semiconductors and life sciences (medical devices, pharma, diagnostics, stem cells).

Eurofund - 03.5202447

Telecommunications, microelectronics, information technology.

Tel Aviv
Evergreen - 03.7108282

Communications, semiconductors, imaging, software, biomedical informatics.

Tel Aviv
FIMI Investment Fund - 03.5652244

Textile, software, consumer electronics, power generation, communication, automotive, food and plastics industries.

Tel Aviv
Formula Ventures - 09.9601800

E-business, enterprise software, communications and convergent media.

Forum Consulting & Business Development - 09.7445141

Software, electro-optics, medical and electronic instrumentation.

Gemini Israel Funds - 09.9584842

IT, Communications, Semiconductors, Industrial Equipment, and Medical Technology.

Genesis Partners - 09.9729000

Communications, enterprise software, cellular and wireless Infrastructure, storage systems.

Giza Group - 03.6402323

Corporate finance services and technology venture capital fund management.

Tel Aviv
GlenRock - 03.9701800

Life sciences, pharmaceuticals, medical devices. Software, electronics, communications.

Granot Ventures - 04.6321390

Clean-tech, medical devices and software.

Gan Shmuel
Greensoil Investments -

Agro-technology and food industry.

Greylock Partners - 09.9580007

Enterprise software, semiconductors and communications.

Heifetz Technologies - 02.6527712

Software, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, communications, internet, hardware.

Hyperion Israel Venture Partners - 03.9039988

Telecommunications, Semiconductors and Optronic components, Medical Devices, Information technology.

Rosh Ha'ayin
Infinity Group - 03.6075456

Information technology, communications, life sciences, and industrial equipment.

Tel Aviv
Intel Capital Israel - 03.9207111

Networking, Communications and Internet Solutions, Wireless, Computer Telephony, Digital Entertainment and Data Center applications.

Tel Aviv
Israel Cleantech Ventures - 054.6224663

Software, hardware and materials technologies related to alternative and renewable energy and fuels, energy efficiency, water resource management and waste water treatment, pollution mitigation and sustainable agriculture.

Ramat Hasharon
Israel Healthcare Ventures - 03.6488566

Medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical-related IT.

Tel Aviv
Israel Infinity Fund - 03.6075456

Information technology, medical technology, semiconductor industry.

Tel Aviv
Israel Seed Partners - 02.5655111

IT, Communications, E-commerce, B2B, Digital imaging, Semiconductors, Life sciences.

Jerusalem Capital - 02.6483072

Internet, software.

Jerusalem Global Ventures - 02.5722222

Communications infrastructure technology, wireless data, optical systems and components. Medical devices and biotechnology.

Jerusalem Software Incubator Ltd. - 02.5870012

Software tools and computer applications. Miscellaneous technologies.

Jerusalem Venture Partners - 02.6409000

Enterprise software, semiconductors, materials, communications.

Koor Corporate Venture Capital - 03.9008410

Telecom and Wireless Technology, Semiconductors, Enterprise Software, Life Science.

Rosh Ha'ayin
Kreos Capital - 09.9514434

Communications, semiconductors, healthcare.

Herzliya Pituach
Lab-One Innovations - 03.6475788

Information and communication technology.

Tel Aviv
Liav Fund - 03.6129001

Early-stage investment fund in the areas of media, enterprise software, mobile telecommunications and Internet companies.

Lightspeed Venture Partners - 09.9561634

Seed investment in very early stage internet start-up.

Maayan Ventures - 08.6255888

Medical Devices, Semiconductors, Telecom, Software/Hardware, Homeland Security, Materials and Energy solutions.

Magma Venture Partners - 03.6967285

Early stage communication and semiconductor technology .

Tel Aviv
Magnolia Capital Partners - 073.7136300

Private Capital Fundraising for technology companies.

Marathon Investments - 03.6081788

Biotechnology, inspection and advanced electronics.

Tel Aviv
Maytree ventures - 09.9505456

Energy and environmental technologies.

Medica Venture Partners - 09.9601900

Medical devices and bio-pharma technology.

Millennium Materials Technologies Fund - 03.6439986

Advanced materials, industrial processes, chemicals, bio electronics materials and materials for life sciences.

Tel Aviv
Ofer Brothers Hi-Tech - 03.6438890

Communications, software, medical devices, bio-technology and microelectronics.

Tel Aviv
ORIS Investments  - 077 201 6953

Oris Investments is a private investment firm focused on proven and viable Clean-tech technologies.  Our strategy is to invest in companies looking for capital investment coupled with high yield project financing in diversified range of the Green Infrastructure sectors.

Pangea - 08.9340278

Service company that specializes in obtaining and managing public funding for technological research and development.

Mazkeret Batya
Partech International - 09.9543445

Software, internet, healthcare IT and communications.

Kfar Shmaryahu
Peregrine Ventures - 03.6349990

Early stage high-tech companies with emphasis in life sciences, telecommunications, information technology, clean tech and energy.

Or Yehuda
Persys Group - 09.9516101

Medical devices, software. Seed and early stage companies.

Pitango Venture Capital - 09.9718100

Telecommunication, data communications, semiconductors, Internet infrastructure, medical devices and biotechnology.

Platinum Neurone Ventures - 09.9728636

Communications, Information Technology, Semiconductor and Medical device sectors.

Plenus - 09.9574944

Venture lending fund for mid- to late-stage technology companies. Enterprise software, capital equipment, semiconductors and medical devices.

Poalim Capital Markets Technologies - 03.5675333

IT, E-commerce, multimedia software, telecommunications, electronics.

Tel Aviv
ProSeed - 03.5661284

Communication, Network Security, Software, IP Telephony, Internet, Intranet, E-Commerce.

Tel Aviv
RDC - Rafael Development Corporation - 03.6075504

Semiconductor equipment, medical equipment, communications.

Tel Aviv
Samurai Ventures - 03.6114440

Communications and Information Technology.

SCP Vitalife - 03. 7676902

Mid-stage life science technologies and services, with a concentration on therapeutic medical devices.

Tel Aviv
Sequoia Capital - 09.9579440

Communications, software, semiconductor

Shalon Ventures - 03.9518998

Life sciences, medical devices, new indications of approved drugs, and drug-device combination products.

Kfar Shmaryahu
Shavit Capital Fund - 02.6490400

Equity fund investing primarily in Israeli companies traded in international markets.

StageOne Ventures - 03.7100140

Telecommunications technologies, QOS/VPN/CDN, OSS-NMS, mobile datacom and 3G, multimedia streaming, optical networking, system- on-chip, LAN WAN servers, and storage networking.

Tel Aviv
Star Ventures - 09.9512888

Communications, enterprise software, internet, medical devices and software.

Herzliya Pituach
Syntek Capital - 09.9701828

IT software, telecom, Multi-media.

Takeoff - 09.7408442

Software for internet, Biotechnology, also open to other industries.

Tamir Fishman Ventures - 03.6849333

Communications, Software, Internet.

Tel Aviv
Technological Incubators -

All subjects considered.

TechnoPlus Ventures - 03.7666555

Communications, medical devices, software and Internet infrastructure.

Tel Aviv
Terra Venture Partners - 02.5670126

Renewable energy, alternative fuels and energy efficiency. Water related technologies such as water purification.

Teuza Venture Capital Fund - 04.8728788

Software, semiconductors, communications, electronics and medical equipment.

THE TIME - thetime is an investment company focusing on young innovative technology startups in the areas of Telecom, Internet, Media and Entertainment (T.I.M.E.). TEL AVIV
Veritas Venture Partners - 09.9561621

Internet, network communications and healthcare.

Herzliya Pituach
Vertex Capital Funds - 03.5357621

IT, communications hardware and software and semiconductors.

Vintage Venture Partners - 09.9548464

Early stage, sector focused Israeli technology.

Vitalife Life Sciences Fund - 03.7100102

Life science and medical devices.

Tel Aviv
Walden Israel - 09.9513460

IT, Internet infrastructure, communications, software, healthcare technologies especially medical devices and biotechnology.

Herzliya Pituach
Xenia Venture Capital - 08.681 1761

IT and medical devices.

Kiryat Gat
Yozma Group - 03.6437766

Communications, IT and Medical Technologies.


Tel Aviv
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