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Links for Israel Art:

Anat Mayer An outstanding Israeli painter and artist, Anat Mayer presents her unique hand made work. She combines tradition with the Israeli spirit of today. All of Anat's creations are made from natural material, and harmonize with any home decor. Anat's art work brings the spirit of Israel to your home.

ART CITY - Israel Artists A Contemporary art site, dedicated for publishing Israel artists work. Works include paintings, Photographs, sculptures, Jewels and designs. Information on Israel museums and galleries is also available.

Art From The Well Paintings and limited edition giclee prints on canvas from artist Myra Mandel. Her style of contemporary, spiritual Judaica combines images of the beautiful landscapes and wild flowers of Israel with verses from the Psalms of King David, the Song of Songs of King Solomon and the words of the prophets.

Art of Israel This premier Internet based art and Judaica gallery was established to promote Israeli artists. ArtofIsrael provides the opportunity for more than 45 talented resident Israeli artisans to display their exceptional work.

Art of Israel Online Gallery This gallery was created to showcase Israel's artists. Whether for your collection or for a gift, it is a wonderful place to visit. Browse by clicking any of the above links or searching by artist, category and/or price below. This site is managed by Artofisrael.com.

Art Time Israel Art Time Israel Gallery & Publisher features fine art works both by unique up and coming artists alongside highly regarded masters, all from Israel. The gallery is well-known for carefully selecting its artists and for the distinguished exclusivity of their works.

Bracha Lavee Jerusalem The Lavee Art Studio was established in the seventies by Menachem and Bracha Lavee, both artists, Bezalel graduates. Few years ago their daughter Mary (also Bezalel student) and her husband joined in. Our studio is a place where each one of the participants can express oneself in any number of techniques and materials, while exchanging opinions and ideas with the others. There are various artistic directions in our studio.

Cadim Ceramics Gallery Cadim Ceramics Gallery is a co-operative of fifteen ceramists, most of them residing in Jerusalem. The gallery was founded in l987 in order to provide a showcase for the artists as well as a direct outlet to the public.

Canaan-Online We specialize in fine art Judaica. In this website store you will discover a large assortment of unique designs such as; Mezuzahs, Candlesticks, Menorahs, Hamsas and more, made by distinguished Israeli artists. Canaan-Online is committed to provide our customers, looking for exclusive and out of the ordinary quality Judaica and Jewish gifts, with the best selection, service and value possible. All of the products in this website store are manufactured in Israel.

David Cohen, Artist His work underlines the way in which the sacred interacts with the secular and the traditional with the modern. He specializes in landscape painting, and in particular the enchanting scenes of Jerusalem and Safed. His fresh renditions of traditional well-known, sites, updated to their everyday relationship with modern Israeli life, makes his work relevant, current and touching. His paintings are mostly oil on canvas and drawings.

Ein Hod Artist Village On the road to Haifa lies Ein Hod, an artists' village on a hill, at the foot of Mount Carmel overlooking the Mediterranean coast. In the fifties, a group of artists led by the acclaimed Dada artist Marcel Janco decided that Ein Hod would be a place where they could work, build studios and workshops, and form a creative environment for art and art education. Painting and sculpture, ranging from contemporary to early Israeli artists, share space with the various craft media. Works on paper, photography, ceramics, gold and silver jewelry, glass and metal design objects make the gallery one of the largest collections of Israeli art in the country.

ETHNICS Artists' Co-operative. ETHNICS Artists' Co-operative was established in Jerusalem, Israel, in 1995 by a small group of Israeli artists, with the objective of providing a central location to showcase their products and increase their sales. A modern showroom has been opened in Jerusalem at 34, Jaffa Road, near to Zion Square. A number of other local artists now also sell their products through ETHNICS Artists' Co-operative.

Fine Art Bay Specializing in modern & contemporary art by international artists. Best source for Israeli art. 30 years experience. Handles paintings, signed & numbered Ltd-edition prints. Major publisher & distributor to wholesale dealers and collectors.

Gabrieli Weaving Gabrieli hand weaving was founded in 1964 by the Gabrieli family as a studio for artistic hand weaving. Over the years the studio grew up and now produces a variety of artistic hand woven items.

Gallery of Israel Welcome to Gallery of Israel, where we are dedicated in our representation of Israel's leading painters, sculptors, and photographers.

Gush Etzion Judaic Center The Gush Etzion Judaic Center is a hub for the display and sale of original contemporary Judaica and artwork from all over Israel. Especially featured are artists living in the Etzion Bloc. Our goal is to heighten the public's awareness, both resident and tourist, regarding the rich heritage of Jewish tradition through the medium of Judaica functional and decorative artwork.

Hebron Gift Shop Welcome to the Hebron Gift Shop. At the Hebron Gift Shop, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We invite you to join us in expanding our on-line gift shop. Our site features unique, beautifully affordable gifts, religious items and souvenirs from the city of our forefathers - Hebron.

Israel Shop1 Bar/Bat Mitzvah- Benchers and Siddurim- Blessings and wall hangings- Books- Candles- Dead Sea Cosmetics- Donations- Flags- Flowers for Israel- For Children- Gift baskets- Gifts and Souvenirs- Israel Supporters Club- Israeli Artists- Israeli Food Products- Jewelry- Jewish holidays- Judaica- Kippot- Mezuzah- Music- Naot Shoes- Shofar- Software- T-Shirts & Caps- Table cloths- Talit- Tapestries- Tzatkes (Chachkes)-

Israeli Art Prints Israeli art prints, inexpensive, high-quality off-set art prints, over 150 prints by more than thirty well-known artists, choose and buy on-line.

IsraeliMade online gifts made in Israel crafted by skilled Israeli artists.

Jerusalem Everything JerusalemEverything.com is a Jerusalem based local artists' cooperative. It was put together and is still run by Barak Hullman and his wife Noga. In early 2000, Barak went around to local artists here in Nachlaot, Jerusalem and formed a co-op website.

Jerusalem Pottery We make a variety of decorative hand painted Judaica art tiles for Jewish gift and child Judaica in the Hebrew language with Jewish themes, blessings, psalms and greetings.

Kakadu Florida Colorful painted and handmade furniture and accessories for the home and office.All our products are of our own original design and are made at our Jerusalem production facility. We are continuously creating new products and surface designs. Kakadu produces over one hundred and fifty different products.

Leslie Naveh Art All artwork is available in giclee or laser prints, on fine art paper or on canvas.

Moshe Dadon Gallery One of the most amazing discoveries is an Israeli artist named Moshe Dadon. Mr. Dadon has perfected the ancient art of Micro-calligraphy over the past 30 years. Within his artistic representations of stories from the BIBLE, is the actual text of the BIBLE! If you look closely at Mr. Dadon's creations you will discover the Biblical text that has been painstakingly woven throughout the work art. For more information call Snir Dadon @ 954-536-1644

Moshe Monzon Gallery, LTD The unique wall hangings of Moshe Monzon, reflect the stately elegance of the Mediterranean landscape and the contemporary sophistication of modern abstract art. He also has a unique collection of Judaica designs, as well as florals. Moshe Monzon is a prominent sixth generation Israeli artist, a graduate of the Shenkar College of Fashion and Textile Technology, whose works have been displayed throughout Israel and other major world cities. Monzon's tapestries will interest not only art collectors and connoisseurs but also interior designers. email:moshe@monzon.com

Rebecca Shore Rebecca Shore, originally from New York, moved to Israel in 1984 and now lives with her husband and children in the Old City of Jerusalem. It was there that Rebecca fused 3,500 years of Jewish tradition with the youthful brightly colored imagery that has become her well loved style. She specializes in Jewish children's artwork, which combines her passion for Judaism with her flair for colorful, enchanting visual design. Colorful, fun prints, books and gifts for children as well as ketubot, prints and gifts for adults.

Shop In Israel The Jewish people are unique, joined across time and space, through history and into the future. This connection is evident amongst Diaspora Jews who search for ways to express our deep enduring love, support and commitment to the land, the people and the State of Israel; and to participate in building and maintaining a strong and vibrant Israel. Life is tough in Israel at the moment, even more stressful than usual. Many of us living outside the country feel helpless witnessing the awful acts of terror that Israelis are forced to deal with on a daily basis. We have all said, and heard people say, 'If only there was something we could do...' We have all asked and heard others ask: 'What can we do to help?' Well, there are some concrete ways each one of us can help. We can visit Israel, and we can shop in Israel from anywhere in the world, even from our own homes. Imagine the potential impact of millions of people shopping through this site. This site is designed to serve as a link between stores in Israel and the Diaspora. Neither the site nor the creators profit from any purchases at these stores.

Shoshana Meerkin-Jerusalem Watercolors Jerusalem Prints | Shoshana Meerkin, Jerusalem artist presents an exquisite series of watercolor prints and greeting cards of Jerusalem's most enchanting scenes; also charming line of prints for children's rooms.

Sygalle Sygalle creates in clay in a distinctive Israeli style using a burst of imagination and vibrant colors.

Yacov Gbay Yacov Gbay, Painter, works in a variety of techniques, but chiefly oil painting. Member of the Israel Association of Painters and Sculptors. Appears in Israel Art magazine and journal. Also appears in Art books that published in Israel from time to time.

Yehoshua Wiseman Yehoshua's artwork has been encouraged and blessed by his mentor and Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit"a. His artistic expression is very much a reflection of his unique and holy surroundings, and the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. Jewish Paintings, Judaica Art, Israel Art, Torah Art

Yoram Gal I paint in oil, watercolors and also work in combined techniques on canvas. My works are often characterized by rich colors, sensual drama and lyricism. I love watercolors, and use a great variety of different sorts of them, combined in a special mixture.


Painting: Merle Pinhas Betty Rubinstein Aharon Yakobson Elisha Ben-Yitzhak Alejandro Fefer Pamela Silver Nick Danilov Rona Boyarski Sonia Gurfein Jacob Porat Yefim B. Ladizhinsky Ilana Raviv Alexander Klevan Alexander (Sasha) Okun Moshe Hoffman Emmanuel Ronkin Miriam Neiger Lior Neiger Tova Berlinski David Rakia Michael Kovner Larry Abramson Alexander Gurevich Shmuel Katz Yakov Feldman Lea Zarembo Dina Toledano David Sharir Shraga Weil Yefim Lifshitz Miriam Yisrael Rifkah Goldberg Olivier Cohen
Israeli Landscape Painting: Merle Pinhas Betty Rubinstein Pamela Silver Michael Kovner Moshe Hoffman Shmuel Katz Lior Neiger Miriam Yisrael Rifkah Goldberg
Judaica Painting: David Rakia Lea Zarembo Shraga Weil David Sharir Miriam Yisrael
Sculpture: Eilat Goldenzweig Paul H. Taylor Sonia Gurfein Daniel Kafri Moshe Hoffman Gaby Salzberger Jamal Dawani Mark Yudell Igor Polsky Yuval Mahler
Art Galleries: Vision Photography Gallery Greenvurcel Gallery, David Art Gallery, Jerusalem Safrai Art Gallery, Jerusalem Yona Dar Gallery, Jerusalem Cadim - Ceramic Art Gallery Joy Art Gallery
Judaica Art: Leah Gerber Gaia - Ceramic Judaica Art Yaakov Davidoff Avi Biran Yaakov Greenvurcel Sara Ben Yosef Amnon Israeli Yona Dar Jamal Dawani Dan Givon Laura Cowan
Ceramics & Pottery: Mark Yudell Gaia - Ceramic Judaica Art Miriam Flesch Cadim - Ceramic Art Co-operative Irit Gabrieli Amitai Sara Ben Yosef Amnon Israeli Yona Dar
Photography: Neil Folberg Eliezer Klagesbrun Gaby Salzberger Yosi Alon
Jewelry Design: Leah Gerber Michal Kirat Dorit Joelson
New Additions: Leah Gerber Merle Pinhas Betty Rubinstein Aharon Yakobson Elisha Ben-Yitzhak Eilat Goldenzweig Paul H. Taylor Rona Boyarski Sonia Gurfein Michal Kirat Miriam Flesch Miriam Yisrael Rifkah Goldberg Olivier Cohen Yuval Mahler
Under construction: Etzion Judaica Center Max Epstein Zahara Schatz (1916-1999) Sara Pelly (Wartsman) Oshrit Raffeld Hana Bahar Paneth Dorit Joelson Ariane Littman-Cohen Hedva Shemesh